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    Hello there!
    I’m new here, new to exploring dreams and generally quite clueless. Lucinda kindly invited me to join and I’d be happy to learn and explore with you all.

    • Welcome Johanna. You may not be as clueless as you imagine. It’s all about sharing a dream and finding the message hidden through the details. Like any other skills it’s all about practice. I’m willing to share our method of dreaming. So please share a dream…
        • Thank you Lisa for your welcome message and for having me.
          I’m not even sure where to start? I dream prolifically and I am unsure what’s even significant. Something recent? Something that’s been stuck on my mind for a while?
            • Johanna. There are 4 loops of dreaming. Conscious loop dreaming refers to incidents in our lives. We’ll dream of work, our dogs, appointments etc… Basically these dreams refer to our daily life. Subconscious loop dreaming refers to conflicts, stress, worries etc… These dreams are about unresolved. It can be about unresolved in a distant past or closer to the present. Unresolved is what this loop is about. The Superconscious loop is more about guidance, learning and discovering. These dreams are about realities, people and stories which are removed from what we are used to. Here we are touching a dimension of mystery and perhaps even magic. Finally the last loop is what we call the « Indigenous Dreaming loop ». Here we come in touch with cosmology and natural influence. We understand we are more than what we imagine and we are part of a collective. These dreams are phenomenal and reveal the soul and its strategy.
                • The reason why I spoke of the loops of dreaming is because you made reference to the conscious and subconscious loop in your second posting. It’s the loops most people dream from…. Dreams allow us to communicate to our « higher self » so to speak. Once we begin to work with our higher self we can move to the other loops.