About Us

Since 1996 we’ve been following a Dream, and creating forums to reach as many people as possible who are interested in Indigenous Dreaming and the Way of the Sacred Circle. At that time the Dream Time was clear: Gather the People Together. We’ve reached thousands+ of people since then…

We’ve also purposely moved from one forum structure to another during this time frame (making us a nomadic group) because we hoped to share this resource with as many different people as possible. We were very much aware that in order to find “Dreamers” we had to seek them out as much as they were seeking us out.

After 25+ years of teaching the Sacred Circle Way and Indigenous Dreaming as well as building a community across the World we count many circles based on “our” teachings and lead by students / initiates.

The sites were originally created to allow these people who see each other maybe once a year – to communicate, share, and speak of their challenges / groups.

Yet, as each of our circles grew so did our community, and each new student passionate about the Wheel and the Dreaming were added to our forum. From the start it was understood that if you did not participate at least once a month – you would loose access to this group. We regularly clean out the member list to help our hypersensitives breath better; and also to preserve the integrity of the teachings.

You need to contribute to Life, for Life to contribute to you! Find your way to make this happen.

All this to say: “You will find on this site a large group of elders and teachers (devoted and committed to Shamanism according to a specific tradition).” We welcome all kinds of people, from different religious and cultural backgrounds. We also hope to welcome different people, with different perspectives. People who like to share, to debate, to speak their mind with respect, and who are also willing to learn / heal because of other people’s stories…. People who are ready to change, to fall, and to be grateful – honestly and truthfully within the parameters of our unique methods of learning / healing / growing.

The Vision from the start was geared towards opening “who we are” and “what we do” to others.

We look forward to exploring with you here.

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