In our community we often speak of resolution.  We explore dreams or life stories; which seem to guide us towards answers or solutions; but ultimately a conclusion of sorts to an issue, a conflict, a bad attitude, or a repetitive detrimental or dysfunctional behaviour.  In many ways many of us believe that we’ve reincarnated to bring some old or ancient story to a close.  We all agree, depending on the perspective every tale can be concluded in countless ways just like a novel or a movie.  

So how do we even begin to resolve one of our personal stories? 
I always suggest to first take note of the story.  

— Who are the characters? 
—  What is the theme being explored? 
—  Describes yourself / your character?  
—  What are the different relationships at play?  

Once you can grasp the story through the details, and identify where it is going you can better contemplate a path to resolution.  In several instances you may be able to list more than one method to conclude a story.  Yet, it must always make sense with who you are since you are always the main character in your personal reality.  

So, no doubt a journey into self-discovery is one of the greatest tools. 

Don’t be in the hurry.  If a part of you believed an incarnation could resolve a story, then that part of you was willing to devote 40, 50, 60, to 90 years to a theme — maybe even 100.  Don’t think that you can suddenly find all the answers in a sitting.  Many of us tend to wait until the last minute before we start actively or consciously exploring our life story.  Yet it doesn’t mean that because we suddenly wake up and start asking questions that we didn’t unconsciously or intuitively work on resolution throughout our life.  Whether we are aware of it or not the cosmos through synchronicities has been whispering the same theme to us repeatedly through our lifetime and thus, almost from birth. 

There’s a plan in motion and it doesn’t usually stop to ask us “are you following?”

Once you’ve embarked on a journey of self-discovery, opened your eyes to synchronicities and repetitions, you can start associating the details; which means you can begin to construct the puzzle.  I’ve been taking notes of my dreams since I was a child and actively working them through since my late teens.  It helps to practice, develop and sharpen a skill.  In our Native culture there’s a reason why we give reverence to elders and their knowledge and / or wisdom.  We also give the title of “elder” to young people who hone their talents and personal traits.  For us dream interpretations are more than about psychoanalysis.  They are about a deep sense of listening at the physical, emotional, psyche, and spirit level.  Your life story is a dream, one that you get to explore little by little every day, every week, every month, and every year.  

Don’t just sit and watch, actively get involved in your personal Wheel. 

Don’t make the resolution the focus instead have fun discovering the details.  I’ve found that resolution is often a process, and every step of the resolution process is rewarding. Have fun with your stories and commit to them.  

My daughter was born high strung, and makes expressing emotions look effortless.  In recent years she’s been exploring her moons and discovered an affinity towards the Moon of Drama (3 years old); which is often referred to as the Moon of Mimicking Beauty. She realized that many of her attitudes and attributes relate to this particular moon.  A lot of people shy away from the 3rd moon because it’s all about asserting yourself emotionally.  In our Western World emotional assertiveness is often connected to emotional manipulation or “pushing your weight around”.  It’s been wonderful to experience a more traditional perspective of this moon with my daughter.  I’ve always admired how KT devotes to the stories; which her sensitivity delivers.  She shows me how beautiful the heart speaks even if often times these days it picks up on impatience, frustration, irritation, absurdity and anger.  KT can not only convey any emotions but she can make you laugh at them and truly enjoy them.  Mimicking Beauty suddenly means something completely different…

As Dreamers we often shy away from emotions because they can disturb and / or distract us from dreaming.  Yet with the help of my daughter I learnt that emotions don’t need to be a disturbance or complication, they can be an added tool.  Like synchronicities emotions can add another aspect to a story.  

After all who likes a tale; which doesn’t pull at our heart strings? 

It’s so important to be able to feel, sense, and identify each impression accurately allowing us to add more consciousness towards the over all message transmitted by the dreaming. If anything the Moon of Drama shows us that cosmological and natural realities are influences we hormonally or intuitively follow almost despite ourselves.  

Why not make it a quest of beauty, and study our emotions long enough to hear what they are expressing?  

KT may not always appreciate the way her emotions take over and move through her; but for the onlooker it often seems like a play where every emotion manifests a lesson, wisdom, or deep healing opportunity. If it doesn’t make us laugh, cry, or stand up ready to follow her, it makes us uncomfortable because we can’t help but feel deeply along with her.  Certainly emotions can contribute to the journey towards resolution.  Learning to express, manage, listen and interpret our emotions is crucial.  This step in the process can also take time.  

Resolution can often be combined to wisdom, ascendancy, integration, forgiveness, grace and purposefulness.  In other words we often seek these different degrees of accomplishments; but they don’t actually occur until we’ve reached resolution.  It’s a good way to determine whether or not we’ve reached some resolution.  

Finally, I always appreciate team work.  I find I’m always more confident and more objective when I help others explore their stories and reach a point of resolution whereas I can often struggle with my own stories.  Resistance and denial can often cloud our judgement.  It’s a blessing when we can trust others to initiate us through your personal obstacles and limitations.  

So, don’t hesitate to reach out and allow others to help you find your way.  

By: Lisa F. Tardiff

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  1. Love this article and the practicle way we can go about finding the story that requires resolution. Your teaching is clear and easy to follow. I particularly liked how you described KT’s approach to the Moon of Drama … and this:

    Why not make it a quest of beauty, and study our emotions long enough to hear what they are expressing?

    So much to love and use in the article. Thank you!

  2. Love this article.
    Especially: “ “ have fun with your stories” But most : “ Resistance and denial can often cloud our judgement. It’s a blessing when we can trust others to initiate us through your personal obstacles and limitations. “ two advice that I need to put in my top list! Hau!

  3. I definitely am taking notes on this.
    One thing that stands out for me is that I need to remember to focus on the journey, not the end result. “Enjoy the journey” My Guide once told me decades ago. Now I hear it repeated here again. I can get too goal oriented and lose the moment.
    Every step of the way is rewarding… this is something that I need to acknowledge!

    Asking questions and trusting others to help is also important to the journey.
    And allowing it to unfold over time, looking for synchronicities and repetitions.

    Also appreciate the steps you shared on the characters, theme, our Role and relationships at play… that we can use these steps for both sleeping and waking dreams.

  4. I see how I resist and judge my emotions but this shows me they can share so much…I loved the outlook for the moon of Drama mimicking beauty is a goal i want to integrate into my life. Thank you for the reminder that collective learning is reciprocal and our initiator one season may be our guide in another. Sharing a new lesson and journey thank you for the read today.

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