We’ve recently moved our Facebook forum to www.idreamer.ning  We invite everyone who would like to learn more about Shamanism, the Medicine Wheel and Indigenous Dreaming to follow us to  There you’ll be able to communicate directly with the teachers on this site and discuss with other community members.  On you’ll also find blog entries written by four women who passionately explore nature and the stars on a daily living.  Come and hear their stories and perhaps even share some of your own… also offers “circles” where you can discuss popular topics like Totems, Dreaming, Sacred Tools and more.  We offer an online Moonlodge where women can talk about all kinds of topics relating to women.  A Windlodge for men is also available.  If your time is scarce but you want to learn about the Wheel and Indigenous Dreaming – we also offer classes on line.  Come and see; and we hope you’ll stay!