About Us

Welcome to Indigenous Dreamer.

wapeyit_character01_final_highres_colorTeacher, writer, traditional dreamer and life coach; walking a Shaman’s Path…  

Gerard Peyrot and I have been teaching Sacred Circle Tradition and Indigenous Dreaming through numerous workshops and conferences all over the World for over 20 years. We are pleased to say that “we are following in the footsteps of our Indigenous teachers, and working strenuously to leave the next generation the know-how to live life as a Circle.”

Both Ambassadors of the Dreaming — We teach conscious dreaming knowledge and techniques; and show you how to recognize the different realities at play in your life.  We give names to paranormal experiences; demystify them; and show you how they can contribute to self-discovery, healing and personal growth.  We bring you to self-empowerment.

Shamanism is about living life according to nature and the stars.  As Shamanic practitioners we’re continuously approached to assist people with soul retrieval.  Yet we’ve dedicated our lives to teach shamanic explorers to reach beyond the limits of definition.  There’s more to Shamanism then Ayahuaska / Peyote ceremonies.  We teach individuals to connect to all animals, and to all plants and trees; which surround us.  Nature and cosmology especially in the 21st century — has lots to share with us and we are being called to listen, to hear and to respond to the role of guardian.

Gérard and I use ancient and time-tested methods which include storytelling; role playing; ritual / ceremony; sacred touch; prayer; drumming; and journeying (dreaming and visions) – all designed to guide individuals like yourself into your own personal sacred circle.

Most people are looking to belong to a community of like-minded individuals who share similar beliefs and goals; and who gather together to empower each other on a journey through time. Our site offers you the opportunity to meet other individuals who are equally passionate and committed to shamanic beliefs and practices.

Every elder, teacher or shamanic practitioner on our site will be more then happy to share with you tools and techniques gathered over their lifetime, to help you explore your inner world and identify it as medicine.

For those of you who are interested in walking this path along with us it is our fondest wish that this space will help you become part of our Global Circle. This site is our way of providing a constant presence; which will bring these powerful & compassionate teachings right into your living room.

Every one of us wants to feel useful and valuable. All we need to do is open ourselves up to the memory of the Spirit within … To remember, to trust and then, to surrender.

So join us on this wonderful journey and let your dreams IMG_0299 (3)be your guide.  Open your heart and soul to sacred ways.